Community Sustainability

To sustain communities by providing basic necessities of life including food, clean water, clothing, and/or shelter to individuals and families through local income programs.

Bikes for Bricks

Contribute to our spin-a-thon to advance education by constructing, repairing and supporting schools in Haiti.

Water Filtration

To relieve poverty by providing access to potable water systems and wastewater systems for communities in developing countries who are in need.

Why Contribute?

While there have been hundreds of millions of dollars raised for the restoration of Haiti since the devastating earthquake in 2010, a large portion of the funds raised have been locked in escrow by political and logistical corruption.​

As such, most of the funds have not been seen by the residents of Haiti who are in desperate need of support.

Haiti Forward is a program run and sponsored by the GVAMS Foundation, an organization of passionate volunteers who have experienced the devastation in Haiti first-hand.

​It is Haiti Forward’s goal to ensure that all funds raised go directly to the programs we support through secure channels ultimately helping those most in need.